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Euro/American Cuisine assorted breakfast and regular pastries. Prices are per Individual pastry. Pastries are sized moderately for an individual portion.

Almond croissantAlmond Croissant.$4.50
Apple strudelSweet apple sauce and slices filled puff pastery.$4.95
Apple tartSweet apple sauce and slices filled puff pastery.$4.95
Banana breadBanana sponge & nuts.$2.75
Bread puddingGibraltar chocolate chunks and mixed berries.$5.95
BrownieDark chocolate brownie.$3.25
Carrot breadCarrot sponge & nuts.$2.75
Cheese danishCream cheese filled danish.$3.25
Chocolate chip twistTwisted puff pastry, bavarian cream and chocolate chips.$2.75
Chocolate croissantChocolate filled croissant.$2.75
Crumb cakePound cake sponge and butter pastry crumbs.$3.25
MuffinsAssorted variety.$2.75
ParfaitYogurt, Mixed berries & granola.$6.95
Plain croissantSoft but crispy buttered puff pastry croissants.$2.75
SconesAssorted variety.$3.25


Chef inspired artesanal salad mixes. Prices are per pound. Depending on the type of salad the volume might vary. Ex. Kale salad is lighter than a tomato salad.

Artichoke saladArtichoke, romaine & tomato.$11.95
Autumn vegetable saladKale, sweet patato, cauliflowern & potato.$9.95
Beet and goat cheese saladBeets & goat cheese.$9.95
Brussel sprouts saladRoasted brussels spouts and dried cranberries.$12.95
Butternut squash saladButternut squash, arugula, gorgonzola & dried cranberries.$9.95
Chicken mango avocado saladRoasted chicken, mango, avocado & spinach.$12.95
Chickpea and roasted vegetable saladChicpea & mixed roased vegetable.$9.95
Farro mediterranean saladFarro, cucumber, cherry tomato & feta cheese.$9.95
Fruit saladMixed fruit salad.$9.95
Hearts of palm saladHearts of palm, avocado & string beans.$11.95
Kale and apple saladKale & apples.$12.95
Mediterranean orzo saladOrzo & mixed roasted vegetables.$9.95
Nicoise saladString beans, potato, tuna & cherry tomatoes.$12.95
Persian saladCucumber, tomato, avocado & feta cheese.$9.95
Quinoa saladMixed quinoa, sweet potato & arugula.$9.95
Roasted cauliflower saladRosted cauliflower & dried cranberries.$9.95
Sauteed broccoli rabe & garlic saladBroccoli rabe & sauteed garlic.$9.95
Sauteed broccoli saladTender extra large veal meatballs in our specialty in house …$9.95
Sauteed string bean saladSauteed string beans & roased garlic.$9.95
Sweet potato saladKale, corn & sweet potato salad.$9.95
Tex mex chicken saladMixed beans, roasted chicken, con, avocado & tomatoes.$12.95
Wild jumbo shrimp saladU10 Jumbo shrimp, cucumber, tamato & vinaigrrette.$24.95


Euro cuisine traditional recipe savories. Most Prices are per item and some are per pound. marked as per pound where applicable.

Beef wellingtonPrime teres major aged beef, medium well, caramelized onion, shitake …$9.95
Chicken DumplingChicken dumpling with thai sauce.$1.25
Chicken MilaneseBreaded Chicken milanese.$9.95
Chicken ParmesanBreaded Chicken Parmesan.$9.95
Curried Chicken EmpanadaCurry Chicken empanada.$5.95
Eggplant napoleonEggplant slices, with spread sauce, specialty in house made mozzarella …$7.95
Filet of soleFilet of sole in lemon sauce.$12.95
Grilled ChickenGrilled Chicken Breast.$5.95
Kosher beef franksKosher beef sausage mini frank in puff pastry with musterd.$1.50
MoussakaFresh eggplant, ricotta cheese, specialty in house made tomatoe sauce, …$5.95
Mushroom risottoRisotto & mushrooms.$9.95
Mushroom strudelFresh roasted mushroom blend filled layered savory. ( layers of …$6.95
Potato pancakesShallow-baked pancakes of grated potato, flour and egg, flavored with …$9.95
Quiche lorraine6 Servings Savoury open flan consisting of pastry crust filled …$34.00
Quinoa burgerQuinoa & sweet potato.$5.95
Ravioli manicottiCheese Filled Ravioli Manicotti$14.95
Salmon cakeChopped salmon and mixed roasted vegetables.$6.50
Spinach EmpanadaCheese & spinach Empanada$4.50
Stuffed Portobello MushroomCheese and spinach filled portobello mushroom$4.95
Thai ChickenThai Style Chicken.$9.95
Veal meat balls1lb Tender extra large veal meatballs in our specialty in …$9.95
Vegetable quiche6 Servings Savory open flan consisting of pastry crust filled …$34.00
Vegetable strudelFresh roasted vegetable filled layered savory. ( layers of puff …$5.75
Veggie burgerLentil & mixed roasted vegetables based.$5.95
Wild alaskan salmonWild alaskan baked salmon made with honey mustard, paprika and …$14.94
Zucchini cakeMixed zucchinis & 3 cheese types.$5.95

Artesanal Flatbread Pizzas

Fresh baked traditional Euro/new york style baked pizzas. All pizzas large 12 inches pie. For a bigger pizza increase quantity ( 1 Pizza = 6 – 8 slices ).

Broccoli PizzaBroccoli crowns.$16.00
Broccoli rabe pizzaBroccoli rabe.$16.00
Chicken QuesadillaChicken & chesse quesadilla$16.00
Chicken Scarpariello PizzaChicken & Scarpariello sauce.$16.00
Goat Cheese PizzaGoat cheese pied crust pizza.$24.00
Margarita PizzaTomatoes.$16.00
Mushroom PizzaMushroom and cheese.$16.00
Salmon on a FlatbreadLox, Cream cheese, capers and onions.$28.00
Veggie PizzaMixed roasted vegetables.$16.00

Artesanal Sandwiches

Traditional artesanal sandwiches. Fresh baguette and ingredients made to order every day. All subs (sandwiches ) are 8 inches long and cut in half for presentation.

Apple, ham & brie avocado subApple, ham & brie.$8.95
Caprese subTomato, mozzarella & pesto.$8.95
Turkey, bacon & avocado subTurkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato & russian sauce.$8.95
Veggie subMixed roasted vegtables and melted cheese.$8.95


Variety of both vegetarian and meat soups. Vegetable based soups are non dairy ( no cream ). Prices are per quart of soup.

Brussel sprouts soupRoasted blended brussel sprouts ( non-daiey-vegetarian )$5.95
Butternut squash soupRoasted blended butternut squash ( non-dairy – vegetarian )$5.95
Chicken barley soupGrilled chicken, barley & mixed roasted vegetables.$5.95
Gazpacho cold SoupTomato, and mixed vegetable and fruit cold ssoup ( non-dairy …$5.95
Lentil soupLentil & mixed roasted vegetables ( non-dairy-vegetaian )$5.95
Porcini mushroom soupMixed roasted blended mushrooms ( non-dairy-vegetarian )$5.95


Three Tiered authentic Italian lasagnas. Made with our in House special marinara. Price is for a lasagna that is enough for about 16 servings.

Eggplant lasagnaGluten Free eggplant based lasagna.$89.95
Meat lasagnaBeef & cheese.$89.95
White cheese & spinach lasagnaMozzarella, Parmesan & spinach.$89.95
White cheese lasagnaMozzarella & Parmesan.$89.95


Fresh baked traditional Euro/new york style baked cakes, pastries and goods. All cakes are enough for 16 servings. for a bigger cake increase quantity ( 2 Cakes = Cake enough for 32 ).

Carrot CakeCarrot sponge with bits and pieces of nuts and raisins.$48.00
Chocolate GanacheChocolate sponge, fudge filling and mirror glazed ganache icing.$48.00
Opera CakeAlmond flour sponge, chocolate, Irish cream and coffee soak.$48.00
Red Velvet CakeTraditional southern recipe of moist bright red sponge cake with …$48.00
Strawberry ShortcakeVanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla whipped cream and freshly …$48.00
Tiramisuvanilla sponge soaked in espresso, fresh mocha whip cream with …$48.00